Strategic Technology & IT

Helping clients create, consume, expand and connect emerging technologies, content and systems.

Quviant’s goal is to help organizations align their IT and business objectives which leads to new growth; empowering and facilitating ways business units respond to customers faster more effectively.

Technology Convergence

Quviant’s Technology Convergence helps clients interlink current and future computing systems with varying information technologies, media content, and communication networks. With the advancement of the Internet, information networks, digital devices including consumer interaction in the digital media space, our experts help clients maximize the full potential of their IT assets, investments and resources.

We work with both technology and business executives to improve business results. We look at strategic IT issues and broader context targets where our experts provide objective, independent perspectives to help businesses prioritize and support their enterprise objectives.

Realigning IT Objectives with Business Requirements

Despite committing large amounts of capital, time and energy trying to align IT objectives with those that the business requires are more times than not at odds. Issues begin when organizations hand-off their strategies and objectives to the IT group at too high a level. Objectives are not honed enough to be turned into IT ‘go-forward’ plans. Conversely, the proposals IT develops are defined at minutia level – often as a short-term operating plan rather than a comprehensive program that supports the strategic destination.

The end result is organization’s wasted money and resources applied to the wrong IT initiatives. In turn, this impedes new products and solutions coming to market, and defers making infrastructure improvements because IT now lacks the full support of the business which, in turn, fails to achieve critical objectives. A situation that’s avoidable, but all too often repeated.

From application integration to web services, our innovative quality assurance and IT solutions consistently exceed expectations across industries.

We make IT effective by streamlining company’s IT organizations by:

  • Simplifying and leveraging systems to reduce costs
  • Sourcing IT hardware and services from the best location (inside or outside the company)
  • Dramatically increasing the business ROI from IT initiatives

IT and Organizations gain by;

  • Differentiating IT and business priorities that supports business needs;
  • Identifying and building business’ trust in IT capabilities, projects and investments
  • Aiding the IT organization to proactively identify business opportunities that align with IT capabilities
  • Helping the IT organization becomes a core business capability strategy and profit center

CIO Consultancy Services

  • Cost Controls & Reduction
  • IT Operations Transformation
  • Strategic Technology Innovation

Consultancy for IT Companies

  • Go-to-Market Strategies
  • IT Operations Transformation
  • Portfolio Management
  • Marketing & Communications (Mark/Comm)

Consultancy for Organization Transformation

  • Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Strategies
  • Channel Capture Strategies
  • Integrated Supply Chain
  • Lean Overhead Strategies
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Strategies
  • Marketing & Communications (Mark/Comm)