Project Change Management

To remain relevant in today’s business environment, organizations must embrace rapid change.

Quviant’s change management practice applies full-scope planning and tactful implementation, and above all, consultation with, and involvement of, the people affected by the changes. Forcing change on organizations and people doesn’t work. Changes must be planned, realistic, achievable, communicated and measurable.

Quviant Change Management Types:

  • Pre-Change Planning
  • Product, Technology and Capability Change Management
  • Human Capital Managment
  • Change IT Service Management (ITSM)
  • Change Advisory Board (CAB) – Program/Project Management

Pre-Change Planning

Before starting major changes to IT, technology, capabilities and/or the organization, we aid in defining the key questions that drive successful change implementations.

Quviant aids clients by:

  • Projecting and substantiating what the end results will look like and related impacts of the envisioned changes after implementation
  • Providing tangible analysis, models and projections of what a successful versus an unsuccessful change implementation is worth in ROI
  • Developing marketing and communication (Mark/Comm) strategies for resources who are affected by change
  • Developing training and transition coaching 

Technology and Capability Change Management

Globalization and constant technological innovation results in an ever evolving business environment. With the advent of mobile technology convergence on-demand content and social media – technology has revolutionized business and the effect is an increasing need for companies to change and adapt their technology offerings and capabilities.

Organizational Change

Quviant’s organizational change management experts assist our clients in identifying risks and opportunities that can impact the success of any change initiative. We help organizations assess overall readiness for change by working with individual and groups.

Change IT Service Management (ITSM)

Quviant aid clients with change ITSM management by ensuring that standardized, recognizable and repeatable methods and procedures are applied to changes in the IT infrastructure. We provide solutions that facilitate the efficient and prompt handling of all changes, while aiding in balancing between the need for change and the potential detrimental impact of changes.

Our ITSM change management provides our clients the processes and mechanisms for:

  • Capturing and recording changes
  • Assessing change impacts; costs, benefits and risks
  • Developing business justifications and 
  • Developing business cycles for the approval, management and coordination of change implementation
  • Applying systems to monitor and report on planned implementations, i.e. the new change requests.

Our ITSM change management processes follow the ISO 20000 clauses that define the objective of IT change management (part 1, 9.2).

Change Advisory Board (CAB)

For mid-sized to larger organizations, Quviant provides the expertise to consult clients on the implementation of an IT Change Advisory Board (CAB). The CAB is the authoritative body, comprised of people from other functions within the organization to assess IT change impacts to costs, business objective, resources and infrastructure. Quviant aids clients by helping to identify CAB members, implement the processes, methods, and tools as well as providing training to members.

CAB Key Functions:

  • Disseminating and clarifying changes
  • Managing changes and the change process
  • Chairing the CAB and the CAB/Emergency committee
  • Reviewing and closing of Requests for Change (RFCs)
  • Management reporting and providing management information