Performance Management

Performance Management requires changes to the organization, department or individual. Change is hard, but there’s a choice: One can lead, fall behind or get overtaken.

For organizations wanting to transform, rebrand or re-orient themselves, improve sales or overall execution Quviant’s Performance Management practice (QPM) is provided to support and aid organization’s achieve short and long-term objectives.  QPM can be applied to an overall company, or a single department, office or discipline inside an organization, and at the individual person level – CEO to assembly line associate.

Quviant’s Performance Management is designed to reconcile organizational objectives with those of the individual associates working for the company thereby increasing productivity and profitability. We work with clients to strategically define and plan specific actions that support and ensure the collective objectives are implemented effectively and on the planned timeline.

Our experts have deep roots and experience ranging from Organizational, Development, Design and Planning, Advanced Leadership and Life Coaching, High-Yield Productivity Efficiency Modeling, Program/Project Management, Engineering, Marketing, Communications and Sales to Six Sigma and Kaizen. We work with clients to improve organizational performance by integrating high-yield execution efficiencies, methodologies and analytics that drives organizational effectiveness and quality, while identifying and reducing waste and risks.

Performance Management is a combination of software, processes and accountability

Cold Hard Fact:

Implementation of the performance management plan depends on solid leadership accountability with open and thorough communications. These are key to successful implementation of the performance management or any other business strategy — period.

Quviant’s performance management experts guide the organization’s performance, by ensuring the following 3 implementation keys are in place:

  • A strategic plan manager is appointed
  • Rewards are linked to performance
  • Achievement Coaches are available

QPM benefits include:

Financial Gains

  • Sales growth
  • Reduced organizational overhead costs
  • Significantly reduced program and project cost and schedule overruns
  • Aligned the organizational and leadership goals and objectives
  • With new ways of communicating, new strategic or operational changes are faster to implement

Improved Performance Management Controls

  • Flexible, responsive to management needs
  • Simplifies and standardizes communication process of strategic goals, organizational status, and scenario discussion
  • Provides documentation reflecting repeatability, and processes performance management forward paths and communication processes