PP&C / EVMS Proposal Support

Businessteam at a meetingQuviant aids teammates and clients to develop incisive responses to RFP solicitations program management plans and EVMS requirements.

PP&C and EVMS requirements are appearing more frequently in RFPs regardless of contract type. PP&C and EVMS requirements are traditionally applied against DoD, DOE, and NASA contracts, but in the past decade other government departments and agencies have adopted the practice.

For companies new to EVM, the Quviant experts will help you produce the EVM artifacts, ‘System Description’ document and EVMS Implementation Plan that must be submitted with your proposal. We will assess your current process and procedures against the 32 compliance guidelines found in the ANSI/EIA-748 standard for EVMS. Quviant assures our client’s are fully integrated between their cost, schedule and technical artifacts, documents and tools.

For companies familiar with PP&C and EVM, we provide a broad range of PP&C and EVMS RFP support services to assist in the development of the proposals integrated master schedule (IMS) and basis of cost estimate (BOE). Quviant also assures and validates the content found in the proposal program management plan aligns with our client’s actual processes and systems.

Our Proposal Support Provides:

  • Expert assistance to develop the required content for the proposal
  • Clear understandings of what is required to implement an earned value system
  • Pre-planned action plans that provides for coordinated next-steps pre- and post contract award

Quviant’s EVMS Proposal Support Clients Gain by:

  • Eliminating uncertainties of what to include to satisfy government EVMS requirements
  • Increasing the confidence levels to win the business and what to do after winning the contract
  • Providing the foundation to implement an ANSI/EIA-748 compliant control system once the contract is awarded
  • Assuring proper integration and traceability of the cost, schedule and technical data for a fully compliant proposal