EVMS: Integrated Program Management Report (IPMR)

Integrated Program Management Report (IPMR)

On 6/19/2012, a new Data Item Description (DID) was authorized to report contract performance and integrated master schedules. The new DID called Integrated Program Management Report (IPMR) called the DI-MGMT-81466B replaces the current Contract Performance Report (CPR) DID, DI-MGMT-81466A, and the Integrated Master Schedule (IMS) DID, DI-MGMT-81650.

IPMR Summary

The new IPMR DID combines the CPR and IMS DIDs into one CPR Formats 1-5 are retained with a few changes such as;

  • Format 3 (Baseline) reflects minor format changes to current period subtotals
  • The Integrated Master Schedule (IMS) becomes IPMR Format 6
  • Adds a new Format 7 to reflect time phased historical data (an annual submission)
  • Electronic data submittal is required using the UN/CEFACT XML standard

More Information

Office of Secretary of Defense (OSD) Publishes the Integrated Program Management Report (IPMR) Data Item Description (DID)

This information is important for businesses that have U.S. Department of Defense EVMS contractual requirements.

Click Here to download the IPMR DID Document.

This change will apply to new contracts and may apply to follow on contracts which is subject to negotiation with the government customer.

  • The IPMR DID combines the CPR and IMS DIDs into one. The intent is to emphasize the integration of the schedule and cost data for performance reporting.
  • CPR Formats 1 to 5 are now the IPMR Formats 1 to 5. There are a few content changes for Formats 1 to 5 which are mostly confined to Format 3. The Baseline Changes (Block 6.b.) row columns have been opened up for change detail content.
  • The Integrated Master Schedule (IMS) becomes IPMR Format 6. There are additional schedule data elements that are required including specific data coding details.
  • A new Format 7 has been added for time phased cost data (historical and future time periods). Format 7 is an annual submission.
  • The electronic data delivery format for the OSD EVM Central Repository is changing from the ANSI X12 standard to the UN/CEFACT XML standard. Additional information about the XML data submittal instructions is available on the OSD EVM Central Repository website.

Existing EVM Systems will be impacted by the new IPMR DID, so be prepared. Organizations will have to reference the new and old forms and terms.  Any new contracts will be held against the IPMR DID, and existing contracts will be held against older DID requirements unless clearly stated and negotiated with the client.

Things You Need to Update:

  • Training materials to reflect the updated cost Formats 1 to 5 as well as discuss the new Format 6 and 7.
  • System Description and Storyboard text as well as example formats and/or artifacts.
  • Procedures or project directives that specify schedule data coding requirements and related details necessary to produce the required IMS data for submission to the OSD EVM Central Repository.
  • Desktop instructions for producing the cost IPMR Formats 1 to 5 as well as the new Format 7.
  • Software toolset outputs and electronic deliverables.
  • Contractor self-surveillance and subcontractor surveillance materials.