EVMS Requirements and Gap Analysis

Review Gap AnalysisWhether an existing earned value management system is in place or not, it is contractually vital that your current processes and procedures are aligned and support the 32 criteria found in the ANSI/EIA-748 for EVMS.

Quviant provides expert EVMS Requirements and Gap Analysis, which is a critical first step to fully understand if your PP&C and EVM systems and procedures are complaint.

Requirements and Gap Analysis Steps

Our EVMS practice evaluates our client’s current systems, processes, procedures, practices, performance measurements and reports that provides an understanding of the approach, methods, and techniques to apply to your organization. We also conduct interviews with program and project managers, control account managers and other key individuals to determine the organization’s background and experience levels, and how your systems are used on a day-to-day basis. The information gathered identifies the system gaps and provides the intelligence to devise the most effective approach to close the gaps.

Quviant’s EVMS Requirements and Gap Analysis Clients Gain by:

  • Obtaining independent fact-based information allowing how to best address the system gaps
  • Developing action plans that fit our client’s enterprise including resource, budget and time constraints
  • Identify risks and opportunities that provides the best ROI yield

Our EVMS Requirements and Gap Analysis Provides:

  • Detailed analysis of our client’s PP&C and EVM system capabilities and how those capabilities have been implemented on previous projects
  • Recommendations aimed to enhance or to implement a cost effective, scalable and tailorable EVMS based on your business environment and culture
  • Implementation plans enabling forward-leaning actions