EVMS Implementation

Keyboard_XSmAfter designing and documenting the EVMS descriptions , the next step is to implement your newly developed or modified EVM System on a given project.

Quviant’s EVMS practices aids clients by developing a detailed implementation plan and schedule with responsibility assignments. Each process area and subsystem, and interfaces are thoroughly tested where modifications are identified and completed. We review the implementation results to assure the application of the EVMS is in compliance with the your contract requirements, policies, and procedures as well as the ANSI/EIA-748.

Our consultants aid the EVMS implementation process by supporting the implementation of the EVMS processes and procedures. Our implementation process includes the installation and use of PP&C and EVM tools, and training users how to enter, organize, and analyze the project schedule and cost data. We provide assistance with project directives or project specific EVMS documentation, planning instructions, and data coding requirements to reflect contractual and internal reporting requirements.

Quviant EVMS Implementation Practice Provides:

  • Developing the work breakdown structure (WBS) based on the MIL-STD-881C
  • Developing the organizational breakdown structure (OBS)
  • Developing the responsibility assignment matrix (RAM)
  • Schedule development support
  • Cost or Budget baseline support
  • Establishing the performance and analysis business cycle
  • Performing data quality checks
  • Developing and implementing a training plan
  • Developing a self surveillance plan

Our EVMS Implementation Clients Gain with:

  • High level of confidence in their EVM System prior to Integrated Baseline Reviews (IBR) or compliance reviews
  • Rapid identification and issues resolution
  • The development of internal enterprise EVM capabilities (cost, schedule, risk analysts and management)