EVMS Compliance Review

Reviewing DocsGovernment customers, and sometimes the prime contractor, require that the contractor’s EVM system is producing reliable data.

The formality or depth can vary depending on the government agency or end customer, where the most formal is the DoD’s Executive Agent for EVMS – Defense Contract Management Agency (DCMA).


There are a variety of initial or ongoing verifications that are conducted for earned value management systems. Formal compliance reviews include pre-acceptance Validations Reviews (VR) and post-acceptance Implementation Reviews (IR) or Review for Cause (RFC). It may also include on-going standard surveillance reviews a customer may perform.

Quviant’s EVMS Compliance Review

The best available preparation for all types of government customer EVMS reviews is the ‘mock interview’.   Quviant helps client conduct self-surveillance reviews, where we provide independent assessments of how your EVMS has been implemented on one or more programs or projects.  Quviant also act as third party validators.

Our assessment of your EVMS is documented and similar to the government’s Discrepancy Reports (DRs) and Corrective Action Requests (CARs) processes, including an out brief of findings, and a formal review report.

Quviant Client’s Gain by EVMS Compliance Reviews by:

  • Obtaining independent, fact-based assessment of your EVMS, EVMS implementation, data quality, and proficiency level of project personnel clearly documented with specific recommendations for improvements
  • Realizing an increase in proficiency levels of the project personnel
  • Developing and executing action plans that address EVMS issues
  • Gaining confidence to face a customer review because you know and are prepared to address any deficiencies and have an action plan in place to address them