EVMS: Enterprise, Program, Project

The best barometer of future program or project performance is current performance.

Since 1995, Quviant has been in the forefront of helping clients understand, implement, and support earned value management systems (EVMS), methods, processes and tools. Our experts have supported clients in full-rigor ANSI/EIA-748 compliant EVMS initiatives with both multi-billion dollar government DoD programs and less rigorous, internally-funded projects.

Using either full or scaled EVM, our clients gain specific cost, schedule, risk, and deployment insights on how they’re performing. Moreover, they gain invaluable insights on what they need to do next and when, how avoid cost and schedule risks, and ultimately – how to manage profitability.

Scalable PP&C and EVMS

At Quviant, we support the notion that Earned Value Management comes in two overarching strains – full Government DCMA 32 criteria, and a less rigorous, yet highly effective version we refer to as ‘EVMS-Lite’.

EVMS and EVMS-Lite are comprised of a set of core fundamental processes, inputs, and outputs that are scaled based on the program or project scope and/or complexity. In turn, scalability allows for practicality in the application of resources, processes and tools. The result is a manageable Earned Value Management “system” which provides insight into program performance and forward-leaning informed business decisions.

Scalable Yet Compliant

We apply common sense to PP&C and EVMS be it full, ANSI/EIA-748, 32 criteria compliant when required or less stringent variations. Regardless of the EVMS application, our solutions are always government standard EVMS compliant or aligned to be EVMS compliant. When we employ an EVMS sub-set of the 32 criteria, they are never diluted or reinventions of already successful, proven methods, techniques or processes.

Government Required EVMS

From RFP response preparation, systems and document gap analysis to mock integrated baseline compliance reviews (IBR) and independent IV&V assessments Quviant has decades of EVMS expertise in the government procurement and contracting space. Our EVMS offerings are comprehensive, and geared at all levels of the enterprise, business unit, PMO, and program or project.

Private Sector EVMS

With work force shifting from government contractors, and the same contractors developing non-government or internally funded projects, EVM methods have made their way into the private sector. In the recent years EVM techniques, processes and tools are increasingly found in commercial companies – albeit in less rigorous forms.

The implementation of an EVM practice – whether by government contractual requirement or by preference, EVMS provides invaluable benefits for understanding how programs or projects are progressing in relation to the original funding and work or product scope. Moreover, EVMS aids companies in managing resources and materials and provides views and projections into the future of overall performance and profitability.

Managing Profitability & Earnings

Implementing and applying scalable EVMS methods and techniques to privately funded projects or government contracts that do not ‘require’ EVMS compliance is especially relevant. If one considers that internally funded projects and government contracts that put the onus of up-front monies, resources, execution and performance on the contractor – what is ultimately being managed is cash flow, profitability and retained earnings.


Earned Value is the most comprehensive trend analysis technique available for managing programs and projects. By using trend data EVM techniques are proven to successfully forecast cost or schedule overruns in the early stages of an endeavor. Because of EVM’s structured approaches, it is not unreasonable for managers and executive level directors to gain project performance awareness 30, 60, 90, 120 days or more into the future.

Quviant not only applies PP&C and EVMS as program and project management controls – we go further into the enterprise and executives levels. By providing timely and accurate performance information, Quviant senior management clients have the forecast information to correlate project execution to enterprise profitability, future paths and directions.

Clients gain with our strategic and tactical advice on Program and Project Management and Controls (PP&C), and EVMS practices that align and support strategic enterprise objectives. We work with our clients to smartly structure tailored and scalable PP&C and EVMS solutions that:

  • Drive enterprise profitability and retained earnings
  • Communicates to all levels of the enterprise what was obtained in return for what was spent
  • Significantly lowers cost and risk exposures by means of predictive analysis and awareness
  • Promotes full-cycle interactions in and among the enterprise level, business units, integrated product teams to the production floor
  • Raises enterprise and departmental efficiencies by reducing or eliminating redundancies or reinventions in work-flows, tools, systems and processes
  • Builds customer confidence in the organization’s ability to accurately execute the contracted project, and are excellent stewards with the customers trust
  • Provides clear alternative career paths and opportunities for employees
  • Converting the PP&C/EVMS practice from an overhead cost-point to an internal enterprise offering and profit-point

Quviant’s integrated approach focuses on optimizing the performance of people, structures, processes and tools that are essential to program and project execution success. We help clients identify and hone PP&C / EVMS strengths, and develop weaker ones. We focus on building greater organizational skills and maturity, which is designed to yield the most value and fastest results.