Contract Management

Contract Management is an essential and fundamental business component, and when “Finely Tuned” it is a profit center for the organization by reducing risk, managing work scope, ensuring compliance and meeting performance obligations.

Quviant’s contract management professionals work with government contractors and corporate law departments to develop and implement cost-effective approaches to management contract life-cycle management. We implement recognized best-practices at all stages of the contract cycle, including creation, drafting, review, negotiation, execution, compliance assurance, storage and pre and post-execution monitoring.

  • We assure our clients:
  • Don’t over or under deliver
  • Don’t over or under deliver pay
  • Guard against work-scope or reporting creep
  • Are contract compliant (when required by a Government agency)

We do this by managing contracts effectively, our clients are guarded against lost revenues, fines and penalties and out-of-pocket cost outlays.

Contract Management: Government Contractors

Our government contract management professionals are experts in the procurement arena and organizations such as General Services Administration (GSA) and Defense Logistics Agency (DLA). We provide clients expertise in the Federal Acquisition Regulations (FAR), International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR) policies and other regulatory groups, and associations.

We leverage our deep knowledge and experience in federal procurement space to aid clients in the management of contract vehicles. This reduces risk, lowers costs, and defines interchange points with the client’s Program Management Office (PMO) for managing contract work, and delivery scope, and it ensures compliance with agencies such as Defense Contract Management Agency (DCMA).

Contract Management: Commercial Contract & Law Departments

Companies with contract or law departments at times need assistance with aspects of their departments. Quviant helps corporate contract or law departments by delivering significant cost savings through the use of our flexible offerings in contract management consulting, managed services and BPO outsourcing.

Our teams help organize and implement approaches that enable in-house contract managers and attorneys focus on high-impact contracts while outsourced professionals support the creation, drafting and review of routine, lower-risk vehicles.

Contract Management Consultancy

Quviant provides sound contract management consultancy for clients who for instance require help in getting their organization off the ground or to run operations more efficiently. Our consultants aid clients in strategically defining, chartering and planning the organizations contract management and/or legal department(s).

Contract Management Business Process Outsourcing (BPO)

Clients may choose Quviant’s contract management BPO capabilities to outsource their complete contract and legal department function. Before starting, Quviant works with clients to understand and detail plan the working, communication and authority relationships and then develops detailed action plans and vehicles for communications, processes, tools, people and culture fit.