Supply Chain Management BPO


High-Performance Supply Chain Strategies

Quviant’s extensive industry knowledge and experience in operations management, and program management consulting, systems integration and IT have enabled us to deliver services and solutions that drive higher supply chain efficiencies that transforms supply chain organizations into profit centers.

Optimization and Sustainability

Regardless of our client’s industry and product offering, the supply chain is under enormous scrutiny and pressure to performance flawlessly.
From aerospace and defense to high tech, energy production to consumer products – supply chain management performance is unprecedented customer visibility.

Global competition, logistical, and cost pressures are endless, and supply chain models must be refreshed to accommodate new performance measures. Recently, environmental compliance pressure are on the rise, along with time-to-market performance measurements challenging organizational sustainability and responsiveness.

Translation: Supply chains face never-ending risks, and remain stagnant as cost centers. Quviant provides fresh strategic approaches that are designed to deliver organizational benefits and drive high supply chain performance.

Quviant Supply Chain Strategies include:

  • End-to-end supply chain processes
  • Supply Chain Planning
  • Energy-efficient, low carbon, green sustainable operating models
  • Logistics optimization services
  • Supply chain platform and tool application technologies
  • Global delivery framework
  • Supply Chain trading partner and resource collaborations
  • Media and public relations development
  • Logistics and customer fulfillment
  • BPO Supply Chain Management services
  • Supply chain talent development
  • Trending Analysis: Population, aging, spend habits, delivery systems
  • Response tailoring leveraging key performance indicators
  • Digital Supply Chain Transformation: GPS, PDA, Barcode, RFID

Our innovative supply chain strategies focus on driving the processes, plans and actions that drive transformation and profitability. Quviant delivers value-based, industry-oriented offerings that aid in effecting operational, cultural, and financial gains.