Helping Clients’ Control Costs Through Outsourcing

Quviant works with clients in nearly every industry, business and management process. We transform, support and refine our clients’ operations, by helping them to become more responsive, add flexibility and operate smarter with less expense.

Many consider our outsourcing strategies as “plug and play” solutions by providing organizations instant expertise, processes, policies and tools. We help business leaders by increasing performance and execution – now and into the future.

Quviant’s outsourcing solutions aid companies in the following ways.


Clients outsource functional areas or certain roles of their operation or organization until a point in time where they take over. This is a tactical plan that quickly provides the right skills, tools, and processes until a time where the organization grows and is ready to business-optionsassume control. A smooth segue of roles and responsibilities are planned in advance, then we back away or take an advisory role.


Similar to our tactical approach, clients find our strategic outsourcing more economically and fiscally advantageous as a long-term or permanent solution. We work with start-up and established organizations. Outsourcing provides for a wide range of options that is tailored and planned to fit your organization’s needs.

Outsourcing Services

  • Earned Value Management/Systems (EVMS)
  • Business Operations:
    • Payroll Service
    • Recruiting
  • Project Scheduling:
    • Detailed Product Development Schedules
    • Integrated Master Plans and Schedule (IMP & IMS)
    • Production Planning and Scheduling
  • Cost/Finance:
    • Resources and Materials
    • Program, Project, and Production
  • Finance and Accounting:
    • Profit and Loss
    • Balance Sheet
    • Cash Flow
  • Material Requirements Planning (MRP)
  • Performance Management
  • Program/Project Planning & Controls (PP&C)
  • Program/Project Management Office (PMO)
  • Risk Mitigation & Management (RMM)
  • Procurement/Vendor Management
  • Quviant Remote
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Technology Support Solutions

Government Contract Support

Organizations work more efficiently by having Quviant manage the daily operations of government contracts, including:

  • Decompose, communicate and distribute key contract attributes and compliance to key stakeholders
  • Work with Business Development, Sub-contract Teams, and PMO groups to provide contract compliance information and guidelines
  • Interact with Government Contracting Officers and Representatives
  • Implement Process and technology
  • Assess contract delivery and capture method assessments
  • Create and maintain contract repository used by RFP Capture, Business Development, and Sales Teams
  • Establish or manage contract modifications, submittals and approval processes
  • Work with the PMO to assure key contractual milestones are captured, contained, adequately detailed and traceable to both cost and schedule events
  • Communicate and distribute approved contract modifications, scope and pricing to key stakeholders
  • Respond to questions and contractual uncertainties as the organizations ‘Contract Help Desk’
  • Drive, disseminate and populate contract modifications for product additions, deletions, and pricing adjustments to government contract vehicles and partners
  • Manage and ensure that all client information is current and reflected in databases such as
    • System for Award Management (SAM)
    • Dun & Bradstreet (D&B)