Organizational Design & Planning

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Organizational Design & Planning

Building an insight-driven strategic plan that guides businesses through change while creating and maintaining synergy between your people, your processes and your tools is what we do best. Our focus is organizational alignment and change that makes a difference.

Human Resources Strategy

Developing managing and retaining talent is essential to every business’s success. Our consultants facilitate individual and team talent evaluation that zeros in on the team’s current performance, and they assist with the development of actionable strategies to cultivate intellectual capital now, and for the future.

Our consulting is based on our extensive experience and benchmark knowledge across many facets of Human Resources Strategy. We partner with our clients to develop workforce development plans, business driven HR service models, compensation strategies, HRIS and more.

Organizational Development

Successful companies master the challenges of creating a coherent organizational system that brings the best contribution from each of its parts and its people together. Strengthening leadership and implementing new workflow systems are the outcomes of a Paradigm plan.

Diversity and Inclusion

As a change management firm, we know that diversity affects everything – from organizational structure, to corporate culture and individual employee performance. Our goal is to help companies develop strategies, programs and trainings that assist organizations in building a culture where each employee feels comfortable bringing his or her whole self to work.

We partner with companies to build a customized program that will encourage innovation through diversity and inclusion – because organizations that truly understand the importance of diversity enjoy reduced staff turnover, staff with increased job satisfaction and greater productivity.