IT and Technology Management

Our solutions increase efficiencies, control costs and improve earnings making IT a profit center.

Quviant provides a full spectrum of Information Technology/Information Systems services. We design, develop, install, implement, test, and evaluate large, sophisticated, secure systems for government and commercial customers. Our web-masters and developers support web-based software applications and network infrastructures to improve operational processes and turn your IT center into a profit center.

Quviant provides comprehensive enterprise IT services that support and drive internal and customer initiatives. Our service provides planning, performance monitoring and management, storage assessment/disaster recovery solutions, database and web design and development, and advanced search and retrieval solutions.

We apply reliable, recognized standards and practices such as Software Development Standards (SDS), IEEE Network Administration and International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) with, PMI and DCMA-based project management, risk mitigation, quality assurance and processes controls and systems.

Quviant brings superior IT organizational design, IT eco-management, program planning and controls, earned value / performance management, and discipline-specific expertise to clients, fast.

Enterprise Information Management

Effective capture, alignment and dissemination of your enterprise’s information data can provide keen insights into your organization. Quviant’s enterprise information management consultancy review, aligns and extracts areas of improvement and opportunities that drive your organization to greater efficiencies, controlled costs and improved earnings.

We’ll assess how you are using your business information, integrate with our findings and provide key repeatable processes, work-flows and structures in order to achieve maximum continuous value.

IT Project Management, Planning and Controls

Quviant knows that many companies rely on IT for their competitive edge. And, while quite valid, we also know that speeding through development efforts and systems implementations in order to go to market faster with new, IT-based products, services and capabilities without detailed planning or time to plan and scope definition – the IT project will fail before it begins.

Expensive projects such as an ERP, MRP, CRM implementations or platform upgrades add huge pressures to IT organizations and departments to control costs while maintain business operations.  We have found that successful IT projects only win with significant execution planning, scope controls, risk assessment and culture testing.  Without these things – the project is doomed from the start.

IT projects fail at the beginning — not only for the reasons mentioned earlier, but IT projects fail because they face challenges not typically found in other types of development projects. Challenges include the typical project management challenges, such as deadlines, budget constraints and too few or not the correct people. But, IT projects also face ever changing technology challenges – changes to hardware, operating system, network and databases, security risks, interoperability issues, and changes manufacturers make to their hardware and software configurations.

Any organization considering an IT project must consider the resources it needs to devote to a project, the skills required and the people who need to be involved, and realistic consideration for the time to create, test and implement the project deliverables.

Quviant’s list of services:

  • Scope planning
  • Basis of estimate decomposition
  • Cost and schedule decomposition
  • Project planning and controls (PP&C) of small to full-scale projects
  • Risk identification and mitigation
  • Change and configuration management
  • Government DCMA complaint Earned value (EVMS)
  • Performance Management data capture and reporting
  • Quality assurance
  • Project management training/mentoring
  • Independent project oversight and assessment
  • Independent verification and validation (IV&V)

Quviant CECOM Expertise

Our performance and technology areas include development, analysis and design of requirements, software, systems engineering and architecture, systems integration, testing, installation, operations, and sustainment.

Quviant aligns IT and technology support solutions to fit hand-in-glove with CECOM’s Software Engineering Center (SEC) mission.

SEC’s mission is to provide superior life cycle software solutions and services that give our war fighters superiority and information dominance across the enterprise. Our C4ISR practice to align seamlessly with the needs of:

  • PEO C3T

Quviant solutions parallels with the SEC’s Life Cycle Software Engineering (LCSE) principals thereby assuring faster ramp-up, lower costs, while assuring close tolerance, high-quality solutions and deliverables.

Solutions & Technologies

  • Application Development
  • Configuration, Implementation, Security, Operations, Maintenance & Support
  • of Networks and Management Systems
  • Content Management
  • Customizations Microsoft, Oracle, and UNIX technology customizations
  • Data Center Operations
  • Help Desk Desktop Support
  • Information Assurance/Cyber Security
  • Java and J2EE technologies
  • Knowledge Management
  • Quality Assurance (Rational Rose/ Win Runner/ Test Director etc)
  • Software & Systems Integration
  • Systems Operations and Maintenance
  • Web Development and web-based technologies

Desktop Support

Addressing end-user requests quickly, completely and effectively is a Quviant specialty. Our desktop support teams provide you with dependable and cost-effective IT support solutions.

  • Application Assistance
  • Equipment Installation
  • Peripheral Support
  • Remote-Control Support
  • Software Upgrades
  • Troubleshooting
  • User Name & Password Resets
  • User Training