Quviant’s communication solutions optimizes clients long-term market position.

Our industry experts are dedicated to helping communication companies and stakeholders at every stage of the corporate, program/project and product development life-cycles with an eye toward ever changing technological, market and sector models.

Quviant helps clients focus on growth-drivers, optimizing profits and cash positions. Our communications industry consulting, technology and outsourcing solutions help support the strategy, operations, IT and business functions of communications service providers.

Performance Management

To progress in today’s business environment it requires increasing and sustaining revenues, while driving improvements in cost and productions controls and efficiency. Based on our work with under-performing companies, we understand the numerous, often competing challenges of how to implement performance management initiatives that are lasting. We provide actionable recommendations and plans that produce real results.

We do this by identifying key operating markers, pinch-points and systems that drive or hinder value, processes and procedures that impact decision-making and ultimately revenues. We then develop the appropriate strategies, plans and processes that support positive results. Then, we gain a commitment from key stakeholders from within the company; top-down and bottom-up to ensure that initiatives are achievable.

Strategic Communications

Strategic Communications consists of sector experts and practitioners with experience in a broad range of organizations from start-ups to multinationals. Our clients benefit from our communications team’s ability to access key industry players. Quviant’s consultants provide a comprehensive set of integrated communications services, including:

  • Corporate communications
  • Program/Project communications
  • Financial communications
  • Public affairs
  • Creative deployment
  • Strategy consulting & research

Operational Management

Our industry-specific operational management team aids clients in achieving cost reductions and operational improvements in shorter time-frames. Our clients gain when we help drive implementation of cross-functional, cross-sector best practices and either realign or do away with practices that no longer make sense.

The Quviant team provides rigorous analyses and detailed project plans to ensure that change guidelines, work instructions and timetables are planned, communicated and systematically actionable. We assure progress is measurable to schedule and associated costs are captured, thereby providing validated ROI. Our experts collaborate with management to improve operations and reduce costs by:

  • Rightsizing operations
  • Generating efficiency Models
  • Consolidating production
  • Evaluating outsourcing and in-sourcing options
  • Introducing sustainment management

Program/Project Management

The Quviant team applies program and project management recognized best practices for communications clients. We provide repeatable management processes and work-products that aid clients in controlling costs, understanding where they are in product or system development, while understanding risks and generating alternative plans.

We provide detailed cost and schedule plans, metrics and guidance, which makes for traceable progress planning and communications. Our program and project management experts collaborate with management, product development and engineering teams by providing insights to:

  • Program/Project performance: cost, schedule, product development
  • Risk Mitigation
  • Change controls
  • Vendor/Supplier/Supply Chain performance and schedules
  • Production operations
  • Efficiency Models
  • Improving efficiencies
  • Resource planning: current and future state
  • Outsourcing and in-sourcing options
  • Quality assurance and controls

Our management team aids clients in achieving high program/project execution faster with Quviant’s ready-to-go, plug and play systems, that, when required are State and Federal Government complaint (DCMA) and recognized by the Project Management Institute (PMI).