Aerospace & Defense

Turning challenges into opportunities in an ever-changing aerospace & defense sector.

In order to meet today’s challenges, including globalization, financial constraints and complex information management – aerospace and defense companies must continually evaluate the way they operate, reduce risks and cultivate high-efficient systems and personnel. Quviant Technology & Management Solutions works with the top aviation, and aerospace companies, helping them address these and other issues.

By having a deep understanding of the market and sector – Quviant helps clients identify challenges and turn them into opportunities.

With Quviant Technology & Management Solutions we focus on setting the stage for program success. We stack the deck in by capturing the full scope of the program or project, decomposing requirements, driving design engineering, uncovering risks, defining costs and schedule timelines, and aligning the right people in rolling wave planning. We apply industry recognized program planning and controls (PP&C) and earned value or performance management (EVMS) practices to capture and gain early-warning visibility into the projects performance.

Quviant’s list of services:

  • Scope planning
  • Basis of estimate decomposition and work-to-plan implementation
  • Cost and schedule decomposition and implementation
  • Project planning and controls (PP&C) of small to full-scale projects
  • Risk identification and mitigation
  • Baseline change request (BCR) implementation
  • Configuration management
  • Government DCMA complaint earned value management systems (EVMS)
  • Earned value management Lite (EVMS-Lite. DCMA complaint but with less rigor)
  • Performance management data capture and reporting
  • Quality assessment and assurance
  • Testing and failure investigation
  • Project management training/mentoring
  • Independent project oversight and assessment
  • Independent verification and validation (IV&V)

Success Strategies

Given the current course of economic uncertainties, all aerospace and defense companies would benefit their enterprises by re-examining their financial and operational processes for opportunities to increase efficiency. Competitive advantages are gained by adopting disciplined program management, supply-chain optimization and lean engineering that aligns with industry recognized best practices and DCMA compliance requirements.

Aerospace companies need to implement design-to-cost practices widely across business units and programs. Recurring cost overruns is as high as non-recurring cost, and half of these overruns are generated during the pre-development phases, pointing to a need for improved pre-planning and a systematic program management deployment approach with repeatable processes and life-cycle management.

Pressures in today’s business environment, cycle times need to and can be reduced by 40% or more by following tailorable, recognized practices. Current supply chain models are changing beyond getting best price. Suppliers need to embrace integrated product development that includes collaborative execution approaches.

Quviant offers aerospace and defense clients integrated, scalable solutions with superior functional capabilities. We help clients in the commercial aviation, military aerospace and land systems, shipbuilding, defense electronics, and space sectors. Our experience is extensive. We help industry leaders achieve clarity and program insights enabling improved communications, reduced waste and superior execution.

Program Management

Government contracting is trending from simple T&M contracts towards more complex types. While T&M contracts are “funding-based” these only reflect actual performance (what’s been spent), while Cost Plus and Firm Fixed Price contracts require more PP&C and EVMS management (scope, cost, and schedule) rigor. Quviant provides clients scalable project performance management visibility and sound data to execute CP and FFP contracts, while managing profitability and retained earnings.

PP&C and EVMS Expertise

Quviant traces its roots to being practitioners and implementers of program planning and controls (PP&C), and earned value management systems (EVMS) methods, processes, tools and training. Virtually all work we do is based on and validated through PP&C and EVMS principles.

We provide the expert personnel, processes and tools in support and implementation of cost and scheduling controls, risk mitigation and change management systems. Our EVMS experts develops, maintains, and manages the integrated master schedules (IMS), cost control, and risk systems. We work with engineering and business operations staff in applying PP&C and EVMS practices and integrating output data for forecasting performance. Our associates drive program/project management and EVMS best practices that aid clients in fostering and educating the organic teams in ANSI-748 compliant guidelines. Quviant assists clients in successful preparation, support, and program alignment of Government / DCMA required Integrated Baseline Reviews (IBR) and Joint Surveillance (JS).

Integrated Systems

Quviant’s integrated systems provide cohesive, proficiency-based solutions that mess with industry specific functional capabilities. We help clients gain insights to program and business performance by integrating program, business and operations management with information systems interoperability. From this, tactical and strategic visions are identified and key intelligence paths are mapped.

Engineering Services

We provide expertise in aerospace and defense engineering services. We undertake major technical and engineering innovation projects for commercial and government contractors. Our technical expertise and deep industry knowledge bring added value to our solutions. We support your business requirements and anticipate technical evolutions in a number of crucial engineering categories.

Material Requirements Planning (MRP) & Supply Chain

Aerospace and defense companies face unique production planning and inventory control, assembly and integration issues. Our solutions aid companies to make the most of their internal budgets by offering innovative manufacturing and supply chain technologies to reduce costs, while optimizing production cycles and manufacturing utilization. Quviant provides critical supply chain strategies that optimize costs and reduce development and turnaround cycles.